Sudurverk Ltd. commands by far the largest fleet of earth moving equipment in Iceland counting over 100 trucks, excavators, bulldozers, wheel loaders, crushers, drills, graders and rollers. Included are 90 ton bulldozers, 50 ton dump-trucks, 80 ton excavators and a 400 m3 split-barge. Also other equipment such as cars, smaller machinery, technical equipment and tools.

Besides being the largest the equipment fleet is also probably the most modern one found within one company in the country. Sudurverk Ltd. has endeavored always to renew it's fleet regularily and tries to always to run the newest line of equipment available in it's projects. Maintenance is a vital factor and the company runs own shops both fixed and mobile.

Suğurverk utilizes high tech surveying equipment (GPS and lasers) and state of the art software. Many of the larger equipment are fitted with GPS-technique which enhances accuracy, quality, output and workmanship.  All quantities calculations are carried out using three dimensional landscape models.